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An Introduction To Moss Wall Art

Written by: phs Greenleaf

phs Greenleaf has been providing planting and landscaping services to businesses for over 25 years, including indoor and outdoor plants, artificial and live planting, living walls, grounds maintenance and Christmas trees and decorations.

An Introduction To Moss Wall Art

As the trend grows towards biophilic design, there are more and more innovative ways of incorporating greenery and nature into your premises. One of these is through moss walls and even creating moss wall art. But what exactly is moss wall art, what does it involve, and will it work for your organisation? 

Here, phs Greenleaf’s landscaping experts explain all.  

What is a moss wall? 

A moss wall is exactly what it says – a wall of moss – but this has been handmade into a piece of art which can be hung within your premises to enhance its appearance by bringing the outdoors, indoors. 

Moss walls are created by horticulturists by weaving moss within a panel which can be hung either individually or interwoven with other panels to create a larger moss wall for the interior of your premises. The moss is preserved so it will last longer and stay looking green and fresh for years.  

Can you get different colour moss walls?  

There are various types of moss which means there’s a choice of different greens and textures when designing your moss wall. What’s more, the moss can be dyed to create patterns and effects to allow your moss wall to be personalised to you – and you can even use coloured moss to create a picture or to represent your logo.  

What is moss wall art?  

As the moss wall panels look striking, they are positioned themselves as artwork. In addition, you can use moss to create personalised one-of-a-kind pieces of art. This moss wall art can be designed from a range of natural and dyed colours to create patterns, images or logos as well as incorporating leaves, stems and foliage. 

What are the benefits of moss walls? 

By using moss, you’re creating a stunning and eco-friendly piece of art for your premises. The properties of moss walls include being able to absorb sound and improve acoustics making them perfect for busy environments or to help enhance privacy into meeting, conference and consultation rooms.  

In addition, moss walls are an easy and effective way to incorporate natural elements into your organisation which bring with it a host of restorative and quantifiable benefits. Research studies have shown that bringing nature into a premises (such as through plants, trees, living walls or moss walls) can enhance wellbeing, boost productivity, reduce stress and spur creativity. As well as being visually pleasing and creating a great impression of your brand, research suggests that biophilic design leads to an increased dwell time and even an enhanced perception of value amongst customers. 

Are moss walls hard to maintain? 

Moss walls and moss wall art requires very little maintenance. The moss is preserved which replaces the water within its structure while remaining soft and vibrant in colour. Therefore, as it is no longer growing, the moss does not need watering, trimming or exposure to light and can last for years.  

How long does moss wall art last? 

As the moss is preserved and not living, the moss should last for long periods. You can expect a piece of moss wall art to last around five years. Its lifespan should be at least two years but depending on the moss used, the design and the surrounding conditions, it could last for between eight to 10 years.  

Where to place moss wall art 

Moss walls are incredibly versatile and can be placed almost anywhere, with only a handful of restrictions. As the moss is preserved, we recommend moss walls only be used inside, out of strong direct sunlight and away from heating or air conditioning systems. Also, don’t place it where it’s likely to get wet such as in washrooms or exposed to rain. This means that you are reasonably free to place moss wall art in almost any location in your premises. They are a great alternative for bringing in greenery and nature to spots which are too dark for living plants.  

How big is moss wall art? 

One of the great things about moss wall art is that it can be created specifically to your own personal specifications. That includes the size, colour and design so whether you’re limited on space or want to fill an entire wall, you can commission a moss wall that works for you. It’s also lightweight so can be easily hung on walls or interiors as well as requiring no maintenance which makes them an attractive proposition for busy workplaces.  

Can I create a logo with moss wall art? 

As moss can be dyed, it’s possible to create all sorts of colours for your moss wall. Each panel is handmade with bespoke patterns and designs built up and this includes moss logos or moss wall backgrounds to feature logos which look fantastic when placed in reception and entrance areas. Additional natural materials can also be included such as leaves, stems and foliage to enhance your design further.  

Who can install moss walls?

phs Greenleaf offers a range of fully customisable moss walls and moss wall art to meet your requirements. No matter what size or shape or if you want it themed to match your brand, our experts can create a moss wall to exceed your expectations. And as well as designing your moss wall, we’ll also install it to make sure it arrives with you perfectly intact, is hung correctly and looks great.  

For more information about moss walls and moss wall art, or to get in touch to commission your own moss wall, visit phs Greenleaf’s moss walls pages.

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