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Safe and efficient treatment

Professional Services
phs Greenleaf can tackle the problems caused by non-native and highly invasive plants in your grounds or gardens. 

Protect your premises
If not treated safely and efficiently, fast-growing invasive species can destabilise soil and structures in your business grounds.

Safe and Legal Disposal
All work is carried out in line with legal requirements, ensuring invasive plants are safely removed and disposed of.

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Ensure you’re legally compliant

There are strict laws surrounding the removal of invasive species. Dealing with these plants yourself, or ignoring their spread, carries legal risks. For example, Giant Hogweed and Japanese Knotweed are a Controlled Waste Substance and must be disposed of in a licensed landfill site.

phs Greenleaf is the UK's leading knotweed removal company and will assess your site, carry out the most suitable treatment, and remove invasive species from your business grounds. Proactive preventative services are also available. These services include a yearly survey of your site to ensure unwanted plant species are promptly dealt with.

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A complete solution from phs Greenleaf

Initial Site Visit
An initial site visit will ensure a thorough assessment of your grounds. A detailed report will be provided.

Expert advice
Horticultural experts will advise you on the most appropriate chemical or non-chemical method for treating your grounds.

Yearly survey
A preventative annual survey will help identify invasive species before they become a problem.

Flexible services
Invasive species removal services are available across the whole of the UK.

Other Services

Yellow Artificial flowers

Artificial Flowers

Easy and cost-effective displays for businesses

Living wall and trees in a communal room

Summer Hanging Baskets

Unique bespoke indoor hanging baskets to perfectly complement your workspace

Close up of large indoor plants

Gritting Services

Protect your business from slips and falls this winter

Outdoor plants

Outdoor Plants & Displays

Spectacular outdoor plants and displays to make a strong first impression

Why phs Greenleaf

Nationwide service with delivery and installation included
Real and replica trees or a bespoke service available
Various sizes and optional extras


phs Greenleaf delivered an outstanding result – a tastefully curated living wall that looks vibrant and healthy. It elevates the mood of the courtyard and creates a wonderfully calm environment.

Our new machines and living walls are part of our commitment to improve energy efficiency and environmental impact, and we knew that phs Greenleaf shared our passion and dedication to sustainability.

Our plants are a great addition to our pubs and brighten them up whilst keeping with our pub theme. We are extremely impressed with the quality of the products and the service. Thank you for making it an easy stress free process.

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