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phs Greenleaf is one of the UK’s leading suppliers of interior, exterior and Christmas products.

Our Corporate Social Responsibility goals and commitments are in the here and now; the focus of our values and priorities are at the forefront of our mindset, our modus operandi, embedded throughout our organisation and forming part and parcel of our daily actions.

With a new managing director in place, phs Greenleaf is undergoing a major sustainability review, focussed on achieving ISO14001 status and encouraging green innovation throughout the business.

What makes phs Greenleaf different?

It’s our commitment to do the right thing. By using fibre glass instead of plastic to make our plant containers, we help reduce our carbon footprint by over 50%. Our commitment to plant two trees for every tree we use, ensuring our business remains sustainable for the future.

We are committed to improving sustainability and social impact throughout our organisation – from new initiatives and products to ongoing work that builds on our past achievements. By using phs Greenleaf, organisations can make a difference to the environment and their bottom line as well as telling a good news story. It’s all about doing the right thing.


Our exterior plants are also subject to green innovations including our unique Greenleaf designed hanging basket liners. These minimise water loss in the summer, reducing the amount of water needed to sustain the plants, and provide good drainage in the winter to harvest rainwater and protect the plants.





We are already making great strides Our plant containers are made from fibre glass rather than plastic. Replacing plastic with a less energy intensive container means we are consuming less carbon-based finite product, improving recycling and end of life treatment options, and reducing Greenhouse gas emissions. This helps reduce our plant pot carbon footprint by over 50%. We also source containers manufactured using wind power to further reduce our carbon impact.

“We offer our customers an innovative mineral-based alternative to soil, which reduces the number of flies, the need for pesticide and saves water. Wherever possible, we use organic pesticides and natural pest control methods including nematode worms”.


Being green is part of day-to-day operations at phs Greenleaf. We install thousands of plants and trees every year for our customers across the UK as part of our interior and exterior landscaping services, and we work closely with many to help them achieve Building Research Establishment’s Environmental Assessment Method (BREEAM) certification for their buildings. To ensure that we continue to encourage and embrace eco-friendly innovations at phs Greenleaf, sustainability is a permanent agenda point for our monthly management meetings. We have also introduced green credentials as part of our supplier tender process to encourage a sustainable approach at every stage of the supply chain.

  • We work with an innovative hanging basket supplier which creates biomass fuel from the remains of our used baskets including waste soil and dead plants. This saves 96% CO2 equivalent per tonne by diverting the waste from landfill and turning it into biomass fuel.
  • We supply over 2,500 Christmas trees to UK businesses every year, so we take our commitment to our forests seriously too. Our supplier plants two trees for every tree they send to us so that we can ensure our business is as sustainable as possible for the future.


It’s well documented that plants not only look great but also have a range of health and wellbeing benefits. Some of these include increasing employee happiness, improving focus and productivity, cleaning the air, and reducing headaches, fatigue, and coughing.

“Ensuring commercial spaces are filled with air purifying, CO2 reducing plants and greenery is at the heart of the business”

What does Diversity and Inclusion mean to phs Greenleaf?

Diversity and Inclusion is about more than just laws and policy, it’s about creating a workplace that reflects society and embraces differences.

At phs, we embrace difference and want people to feel comfortable in the workplace. Therefore, we are working to embed a number of initiatives into our business:

  • Disability Partnerships
  • BME and LGBT Job Boards
  • Gender Equality
  • Developing Our People

And as a company which has been built up over 50 years, we have a unique culture and values which help influence the way we do business.

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