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Christmas Traditions from around the world

Written by: phs Greenleaf

phs Greenleaf has been providing planting and landscaping services to businesses for over 25 years, including indoor and outdoor plants, artificial and live planting, living walls, grounds maintenance and Christmas trees and decorations.

Christmas Traditions from around the world

Traditions are more important than ever at Christmas time, from putting up the Christmas tree with your family, to leaving milk and carrots out for Santa and his Reindeer.

The world is also full of many unusual Christmas traditions, but the common theme is that they’re all designed to spread joy.

When Did Common Christmas Traditions Begin?

  • Christmas was first celebrated in Rome in roughly AD 336. The first Christmas hymns can also be traced back to ancient Rome.
  • The tradition of Christmas trees is thought to have originated in Germany during the 16th
  • Printed advert calendars were also thought to have originated in Germany during the early 1900s.
  • The first ever Nativity Play is thought to have been performed in 1223 by Saint Francis of Assisi in Italy.

Unusual Christmas Traditions from Around the World

Gävle Goat in Sweden

For the first two days of Advent, a giant goat made of straw is annually put on display in the Swedish town of Gävle.

It also holds the title of being the world’s largest straw goat, with an impressive height of 42.6ft and a weight of 3.6 tonnes.

KFC in Japan

Christmas is not widely celebrated in Japan, as the main religions are Shinto and Buddhism. What started as a marketing campaign in 1970, has now led to an estimated 3.6 million families in Japan treating themselves to an annual KFC on Christmas day.

The increased demand means that you have to order in advance to guarantee your Christmas party bucket.

Mari Llwyd in Wales

A Welsh tradition that started in 1800 and has declined in popularity but is still being kept alive by dedicated community groups.

It involves a horse skull on a pole and a group of men dancing their way around local homes asking for entry, food, and drink.

Christmas spiders in Ukraine

If you’re afraid of spiders, then this is one tradition you’ll want to avoid. in Ukraine, families traditionally celebrate Christmas trees with fake spider webs and ornamental spiders. This is because spiders are thought to be a sign of good fortune.

This tradition is thought to originate from folk story called Legend of the Christmas Spider.

The phs Greenleaf Tradition

At phs Greenleaf, we annually design and install Christmas trees and displays for hundreds of businesses across the UK. These trees are all available on a rental basis, providing a convenient way to decorate your premises.

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