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How Summer Hanging Baskets Can Give Your Pub The Edge This Summer

Written by: phs Greenleaf

phs Greenleaf has been providing planting and landscaping services to businesses for over 25 years, including indoor and outdoor plants, artificial and live planting, living walls, grounds maintenance and Christmas trees and decorations.

How Summer Hanging Baskets Can Give Your Pub The Edge This Summer

Sitting outside, in the sunshine, with a beer, accompanied by friends – it’s one of life’s simple pleasures.

A beautiful pub garden will always be popular with punters, and in light of the covid pandemic, outdoor space is more important than ever. There are still lots of pubs for customers to choose from, so making your outdoor area appealing could give you the edge.

When you’re designing your spaces, it’s worth knowing a bit about “biophilic design” which focuses on bringing people into contact with the natural world in the built environment. It delivers huge benefits to wellbeing, creating a pleasant environment for your customers to enjoy.

Not all pubs have access to leafy green space – but even the most concrete of patios can easily be transformed by plants and outdoor hanging baskets.

However, cultivating greenery can be time-consuming, from researching which plants work well in which part of the garden, to looking after them once they are in the soil. phs Greenleaf provides tips, expertise and planting and maintenance services, keeping your hanging flower baskets in great shape. 

Why hanging baskets?

Hanging baskets add colour and interest to your entranceways and frontage, and give you lots of options to pep up your patios. They do all this without taking up any precious standing room.

Even if you already have spring hanging baskets in place, now’s the time to plan for the summer to keep them looking their best.

phs Greenleaf’s professional planting service can help choose the right plant and shades for the time of year and to complement your existing style. For example, you may want flowers in on-trend blues for your summer hanging baskets.  Good colour design can help improve customer mood, hopefully making them stay longer and visit repeatedly!

Partly thanks to the pandemic, individual pods have become even more popular. Spaces like garden sheds or gazebos can be transformed into cosy seating areas for groups of friends.

Even before covid hit, these cosy outdoor “snugs” were popular because they offer greater privacy and the chance to relax in the open-air long into the evening.

Hanging flower baskets, along with other plants, can add colour, atmosphere and charm to these spaces.

In towns and cities, your pub garden may be enclosed by a brick wall or high fence. Hanging baskets – or wall flower baskets - offer a simple way of transforming these dull, sometimes oppressive structures into an attractive living walls. 

Even as pub-goers begin to spend more time inside again, the promise of warmer weather in the summer will always be a draw for beer gardens.

Low-maintenance hanging flower baskets

All gardens and plants require maintenance to keep them looking good. phs Greenleaf can advise on plant choice to keep this to a minimum if that’s what you need.

Last year the UK saw record temperatures, and we can help you choose flowers and greenery that can cope with the British weather’s fluctuations. For example, there are many plants and shrubs that manage better than others in hot weather and don’t need as much watering as other types. We can also advise on slow-grow plants so they don’t need frequent pruning.

Indoor inspiration

Hanging baskets indoors, where appropriate, can give your interior space a lift. Plants indoors have the added benefit of improving air quality and they help to absorb noise.

phs can provide the plants and maintenance services so your pub has that summer feeling at all times – even when it’s raining.

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