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What do consumers want for Christmas 2020?

Written by: phs Greenleaf

What do consumers want for Christmas 2020?

Christmas will be very different this year, as we round off a year that has seen us all living through a global pandemic. Weddings have been cancelled, birthdays haven’t been celebrated with friends, and even restaurants that we once took for granted have been on-and-off the menu. But what about Christmas?

We still don’t know to what extent we’ll be able to celebrate Christmas this year. But it’s safe to say it will definitely be in smaller groups than usual, and that time spent with family will be even more precious than usual.

All they want for Christmas is…

At phs Greenleaf, we love Christmas and the joy it brings to our lives. We commissioned independent research to help understand what consumers want for Christmas this year, and it turns out it’s not all about the gifts.

2020 has truly been a year for reminiscing over memories, as we’ve spent more time looking at pictures of old celebrations than we have attending new ones. And this nostalgic sentiment is set to carry on into the festive appearance.

Independent research found that 58% of people in the UK believe that seeing Christmas lights and decoration in shops will help reignite Christmas nostalgia, reminding them of the joy that Christmas has brought them throughout their lives. This suggests people will be positively attracted to your business if you decorate it with festive decorations.

Notably, 57% of people said Christmas wouldn’t be the same if their local businesses didn’t have decorations or trees in their window this year. So, it’s safe to say that a familiar burst of Christmas on the high street will help people like things are slightly more normal than they are.

Ever wondered what type of people like Christmas the most? The research found women aged 55 and over would be the most disappointed if businesses didn’t decorate. This is even more interesting when you realise women between the ages of 40 to 60 are a consumer group that’s spending a larger amount of money than any other time in their lives. Putting Christmas decorations up will help put a smile on the face of these savvy spenders while helping them feel welcome and attracted to your business.

The research also found that the region of the UK that would be most disappointed to not see decorations were those living in the South East of England. However, it was a tight race and it’s safe to say the whole of the UK are looking forward to some Christmas cheer in the months ahead.

A Winter Wonderland

To make this year extra special, we have launched a very special and limited edition Rainbow tree
This brightly coloured tree is perfect for promoting a message of hope and kindness in your business. As an added bonus, every Rainbow Christmas tree rented from us will raise money for mental health charities, as we’ve committed to donating 10% of profits from the tree.

Our full tree range offers everything from a traditional Red and Gold Tree to a sparkling Champagne Fizz Tree, with something to suit everyone’s taste.

Why phs Greenleaf?

phs Greenleaf we annually supply more than 2,500 Christmas trees to businesses across the UK, from care homes to hotels. We have an extensive range artificial and real Christmas trees that are available to rent. Our team of Christmas expert will even deliver and decorate them in your premises, providing you with a beautiful and stress-free Christmas experience.

View our Christmas catalogue to find your perfect tree then get in touch to order yours today.

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