Branding your office space with GL Design Space

When branding your office considering asking yourself the following questions;


How important are the look and feel of your premises to your business?

Will your team be proud of working there?

Will your clients feel that you invest in your surroundings?

For areas open to the public, does the space reinforce your brand?


Your premises can make all the difference when it comes to the impression your business makes, and the perfect planting display can be a big part of this.


Whether it is adding that finishing touch of sophistication, or being a striking display that grabs attention, how you present your surroundings can be vital in helping your customers and team decide how they perceive you.


Your building’s flowers and foliage should be more than just an afterthought.  At GL Design Space, our experienced teams of specialists know exactly what’s needed to create a plant display that really makes an impact. Working closely with you and your business, we’ll consider various factors such as your budget, location, available space, and desired ambience to ensure the right fit for your premises.


In fact, there are many benefits of working with GL Design Space to create a stunning bespoke planting display for your business…


Bespoke designs to suit your premises

indoor hanging baskets displayed in a shop window


Our specialists know how important is to ensure your planting displays are in-line with your company’s branding style, as well as the existing look and feel of your premises. for larger scale projects, you also need to consider the environment it’s going to be installed in. As an example, if the room doesn’t have access to sunlight, then you’ll need to use plants that can survive in shadier conditions. This is why GL Design Space will complete a free site survey to make recommendations on suitable display locations, and a bespoke consultation with one of our experts will also ensure that we understand and can cater to your exact requirements.


Health and safety ensured


Keeping our staff and any visitors to your premises safe during the installation process is of the utmost importance to us. This is why every step of the project is planned to precision, particularly in terms of maintaining our (and your) compliance with vital health and safety regulations. Before any installation is completed, we’ll provide a written method statement and risk assessment. GL Design Space will also ensure that any other relevant aspects of health and safety are fully covered, so you’re worry-free and able to focus on the everyday running of your business.


Flexible service to fit your schedule


Installing a new planting display in your building (particularly if it’s a larger scale project), can be a long and disruptive process if it’s not planned correctly. Fortunately, at GL Design Space, we’ll do everything we can to ensure the continued running of your business during the planning and installation process. To enable us to provide a flexible service to suit your business’s needs, our specialists will discuss your requirements with you before any work is started. This helps us to ensure that implementation of your new display is planned around your operating hours.


Every step is taken care of



Finally, choosing GL Design Space to create your new planting display for your business premises also means choosing to have every step of the process managed by one company, from the initial planning and design, to installation and any on-going maintenance it needs. This ensures the display looks fresh and striking for years to come, without the need to employ your own internal maintenance team. This is highly beneficial as it will save your business both time and money.


To find out more about how GL Design Space can work with your business to create a stunning and bespoke planting display for your premises, contact us today.