Giant Hogweed White Flower Head Close Up
Giant Hogweed Blooming In a Forest
Closeup of white blooming Giant Hogweed Stem
Giant Hogweed White Flower Head Close Up
Giant Hogweed Blooming In a Forest
Closeup of white blooming Giant Hogweed Stem
  • Site survey and reporting provided
  • Certified staff approved to spray herbicides
  • Risk Assessments available

Certified Giant Hogweed Removal

Giant Hogweed is an invasive and strong-growing plant, originally from Southern Russia and Georgia the species can grow over 3 metres tall. Although a fully matured plant can look very striking, don’t be fooled by it’s attractiveness as Giant Hogweed is invasive and potentially harmful. If touched, chemicals in the sap can cause photo-dermatitis causing the skin to be very sensitive to sunlight, which in time will lead to blistering, pigmentation and scaring.

There is currently no statutory right to remove Giant Hogweed, but PHS Greenleaf recommend you do so as this plant can be very harmful to unassuming members of the public. Legislation has been applied to invasive aliens in which Giant Hogweed is classified. The Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981 list Giant Hogweed on Schedule 9, Section 14 meaning that it is an offence to cause the spread of invasive plants into the wild in England and Wales, similar legislation is in place in Scotland and Northern Ireland. PHS Greenleaf offer a comprehensive site survey, in which specific invasive weed species will be identified and assessed. Suggestions and recommendations on a practical solution to deal with the problem will be presented in a report.

How PHS Greenleaf can help

  • Our trained technicians will assess the area and provide a bespoke report
  • Our experienced technicians are fully equipped with the knowledge on how to effectively perform Giant Hogweed Removal
  • We will supply all Risk Assessments and Safe Systems of work for these operations

Our service options

  • Giant Hogweed can be dug up and left on site (Giant Hogweed is a Controlled Waste Similar to Japanese Knotweed and must be disposed of in a licensed landfill site)
  • Giant Hogweed removal including a waste transfer note to remove waste from site


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