Summer gardening tips: how to prevent the most common problems

When it comes to summer gardening for business premises, your main focus should be placed on maintaining your grounds to ensure they look their best through the entirety of the season.


Although your gardens should be looking bright and alive this season (thanks to the arrival of fresh blooms), it’s important not to forget that weeds also thrive in the warmer weather, and that your plants and lawns are at risk of drying out due to the rising temperatures.


With the longer, sunnier days of summer making more of us spend time in the great outdoors, your business should be making the most of its outdoor spaces. However, you don’t want your grounds to give customers the wrong impression if they’re neglected and poorly maintained.


To prevent some of the most common problems your garden will face in the warmer weather, check out the top summer gardening tips from phs Greenleaf…


How to maintain your lawn in summer

gardener removing weeds from his lawn


There are a number of things you need to be mindful of when caring for your lawn in summer, such as regularly watering and mowing it. Keeping your lawn watered encourages it to develop a deeper root system (which will help it to survive in hot temperatures), while regular mowing prevents weeds from invading and reduces the stress put on the lawn from the heat.


Water your lawn around once to twice a week, preferably in the early morning or late evening, as the water will have a better chance of being absorbed during cooler times of the day. When it comes to mowing the lawn, do this once a week, and set the height of the grass to one inch. If the grass is cut too short, the lawn may dry out as its harder for the roots to absorb moisture.


How to remove and prevent summer weeds


Weeds love summer because its sunny weather and warmer temperatures provide them with the optimal conditions to grow, quickly invading your lawn and flower beds. Fortunately, there are things that can be done to stop those annoying weeds in their tracks this summer.


As they’ll now be growing vigorously, now is the perfect time to apply weedkiller to your lawn. However, you should take care to read the instructions before use to ensure your safety, and be mindful that it could take 2-3 applications to kill the weeds completely. Alternatively, if you want to avoid chemical removal methods, use a spade or fork to dig out the weeds (and their roots). You can also prevent weeds from sprouting around plants by putting down mulch.


How often to water plants in hot weather


How often you need to water your plants in summer (and how ‘at risk’ they are of drying out) will depend largely on how they’ve been planted. As an example, potted plants typically need to be watered more frequently than those planted in the ground as most containers hold less moisture and the plants have less soil space.


To determine if your plants need watering, check them daily and keep an eye out for dropping petals, limp stems, and leaves that are dry, shrivelled and discoloured. To encourage plants to retain moisture in warmer temperatures, apply a layer of mulch or rocks to the soil, and water your plants during the coolest times of the day (such as in the early morning or late evening).

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