Making the most of outdoor spaces for the warmer months

It’s natural for people to gravitate to outside spaces during the warmer months, but often, individuals are cooped up working in offices or educational facilities, and it can be difficult for them to get outside and enjoy the natural spaces.


In built-up areas, it can also be challenging to incorporate a sense of the outdoors if your business premises have little space available to develop. For educational establishments and hospitality organisations, these areas are essential for making people feel at ease, as well as a place where they can enjoy without interruption.


The importance of outside space


When people interact with the natural world, it offers a host of health and happiness benefits. As play areas and parks are incorporated into residential spots, businesses should also think about creating spaces that encourage this sense of wellbeing. Being outside in a relaxing environment, especially in the summer months, also helps to develop social and interactive opportunities, which give people a chance to get together with friends and inspires creativity and conversation.


Creating outdoor spaces


Whether your business has a small outdoor area or a larger space to use, creating an inspiring and tranquil spot for people to enjoy is crucial for complementing your premises. Different spaces require unique design so take a look at how you can tailor the area to your clientele.


Hospitality businesses


For hotels, restaurants, and pubs, incorporating an area that complements your brand’s message is ideal for offering something more to customers. Making profit out of this space is also essential, so designing the area reminiscent of a concept or theme can bring a unique touch to your business. Extending the ambience from the interior space to the exterior is important, and this can be crafted with similar music, plant arrangements, and décor. Strategically placing lighting and using the natural structures of the space will make use of both daytime and evening dining options. Plus, installing canopies will utilise this area even during summer showers.


Spaces for digital nomads


There are many people who work remotely and catering for these customers requires some extra thought about how they can enjoy outdoor spaces too. By placing shaded spots in specific areas with the use of outdoor plants or the natural shade provided by surrounding structures, this will create spots that can be fully utilised for tech users without glare from the sun.


Educational environments


For educational establishments, green spaces are vital for play and interaction between peers so crafting a suitable area in the grounds is essential to promote happiness, health and creativity. Introducing a living garden with colourful flowers and hardy plants can create a useful learning space, plus for areas of reflection and quiet time, planting outdoor foliage that is associated with relaxation and tranquillity enables children to wind down and admire the space. In these areas, it is also important to provide spots where children would feel comfortable to sit and read or enjoy games with their classmates, so planting larger trees will provide the feel of a secluded and cosy spot for quiet play.


These outdoor learning spaces in schools and colleges also help to encourage continued learning in a relaxed atmosphere, which supports classroom-based lessons.


Temporary or permanent features


Creating a new outdoor space can be tailored to the area you have available. For some businesses, a temporary spot might work well such as a pop-up style hub during the summer months. But it is also easy to incorporate a permanent feature, which can be switched up with canopies, or marquee style covers in the winter months. A great way to complement a new outside space is by using plants and living walls to benefit the area. Plants can help provide natural segmentation and reduce noise levels, which is ideal for restaurants and cafes that have outdoor frontage. In hotels, plants add a sense of relaxation and stress-relief while improving the quality of air in the surrounding space. Hardy outdoors plants are also great for brightening up an area and are a perfect alternative to man-made structures.


If your business is looking to develop its outside areas and incorporate a relaxing space, take a look at how phs Greenleaf can design and tailor plant displays to work beautifully with the colour and themes of your unique environment. Contact us for more information on our exterior and interior planting services.