indoor office plants in large orange planters
phs greenleaf's interior office plants in tall white planters
indoor office plants at the end of work desks in white and black textured planters
phs greenleaf's indoor office plant collection interior plant in a gold planter
indoor office plants in large orange planters
phs greenleaf's interior office plants in tall white planters
indoor office plants at the end of work desks in white and black textured planters
phs greenleaf's indoor office plant collection interior plant in a gold planter

Office Plants

Office plants designed specifically for office and corporate workplaces

Choosing the right plants and flowers for your premises is never an easy decision that is why phs Greenleaf make it easy for you. We can guarantee a wide range of indoor plants and services due to our 25 years’ experience in the landscaping industry, operating from seven nationwide plant nurseries, servicing over 8,000 customer locations.

phs Greenleaf provides the highest quality of indoor planting, perfect for offices, workplace, and corporate environments. We have a mix and match selection of indoor plants, indoor plant pots and indoor trees which can create a bold and unique statement in your building’s interior.

As first impressions count, you can choose between real or artificial plants and flowers, while leaving phs Greenleaf’s trained and experienced staff to maintain your display and service your indoor plants. We ensure that the appearance of your workplace is up to highest standard. The service includes watering and feeding the plants as well as prune and cleaning when necessary. Depending on your requirements and budget, we can offer different levels of services and maintenance to suit your needs.

Service options

Rental & Maintenance

We design and install displays to your specification and will provide an ongoing service to maintain the plants, containers and displays throughout the length of the contract for an affordable quarterly or monthly fee ensuring your plant display are in good condition.

Many of our products and services are available on a rental and maintenance agreement allowing you to spread the cost of hiring over your agreed contract period.

Purchase only

Once you have chosen your design then you can purchase this display outright with a one off payment. This leaves you to service and maintain the displays yourself. Making it ideal for small businesses or one off displays.

Maintenance Only

To ensure that your plants are maintained and kept in the best condition, phs Greenleaf offer a maintenance only service. One of our highly experienced and knowledgeable plant technicians will water, feed, clean, and prune the plants at your premises on a regular basis.  This service is available to those who purchase their own plants, rent or those who already own plant displays.

The Benefits of office plants

There are a whole plethora of benefits associated with keeping plants in the office. These advantages range from improving well being to a better appearance. So whether you’re looking to reduce stress or to simply impress, it’s likely that a plant will help. Here we look at five of the best plants for an office environment, and the reasons why.

The introduction of office plants can also bring many physical and emotional health benefits this is backed up by various scientific researchers. Introducing plants to the workplace lowered tension and anxiety levels by 37%, while reducing feelings of anger by around 44%. Additionally, fatigue was shown to have been reduced by 38%. There are many more health benefits of office plants mentioned in our blog posts

They reduce dust and bacteria levels

This is great news for allergy sufferers, as well as those with asthma, as dust mites and mold spores are both known triggers for asthma attacks. With 1 in 3 people being allergic to mold, with symptoms including sneezing, coughing and dry eyes, more greenery in the office will also result in less sick days being taken by staff.

They improve the air quality

As well as reducing the amount of dust, mold and bacteria in the office and lowering CO2, office plants will also improve the air quality by raising the humidity in the office. Some examples of the best plants for this purpose are Dracaenas, Ferns, and the Snake Plant.

They increase productivity and well-being

Having plants in the office can greatly increase the mood of your employees by making it appear more welcoming and homely. Office plants have been found to reduce stress levels and increase creativity, which improves staff well-being and makes for a more productive workforce.

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