The 10 trees of Christmas: which of our trees is perfect for your business?

Whether your favourite part of the festive season is tucking into mince pies and mulled wine, wrapping presents for your loved ones, or strolling around Christmas markets in a snuggly scarf and your biggest winter coat, everyone loves choosing the perfect Christmas tree and decorating it with twinkling lights and brightly-coloured ornaments. This is a task that’s especially important for businesses, as choosing the right tree will ensure you spread the Yuletide joy amongst your customers and visitors!


However, while you know you want an eye-catching display that makes even the biggest Scrooges feel festive, there’s a few things you’ll need to take into account when choosing the perfect Christmas tree for your premises. This includes the size of the space, as well as the room’s current colour scheme and (in some cases) your company’s branding.


Whether you want a traditional or modern theme, or a real or artificial tree will also have an effect on how you choose to decorate your premises this Christmas. Because real trees shed needles, they might not be the best option for smaller spaces, or staff with limited amount of time to keep sweeping them up regularly. Nonetheless, real trees make a great impact due to their uniquely festive pine fragrance.


At phs Greenleaf, we have 10 beautiful Christmas tree designs to choose from, and each of these have their own look and feel. Find your business’s perfect Christmas tree using our guide below…


Our Christmas Collection Trees


 The Christmas Collection from phs Greenleaf consists of 7 classic designs in a range of sizes to suit the needs of your premises. With a mixture of traditional and more modern designs to choose from, we’re also sure to have a Christmas tree that fits the existing décor of the room, or your company’s branding style and colours.


The designs in this collection include real and artificial trees, and each tree comes complete with pretty tree lights and a choice of parcels to be placed around the base to give it that extra visual ‘wow factor’. To tie your Christmas tree design in with the rest of your building’s décor, we can also supply matching wreaths, garlands, table top trees and desk top Christmas displays.

Tree sizes available: 2m, 3m, 3.6m and 4.5m


Tree 1: Merry Berry

merry berry collection range christmas tree at phs greenelaf


This traditional design features plenty of classic red, gold and green baubles, and it embraces a natural feel with the addition of pine cones, pears, berries and poinsettia (the Christmas flower).


Tree 2: Traditional Gold


traditional gold christmas tree from phs greenealf


This golden wonder of a tree features a variety of pretty gold baubles in different sizes and shapes, as well as eye-catching gold bows and classic pine cone decorations.


Tree 3: Traditional Red & Gold



Give any room a traditional festive feel with this stunning design. It features gold and red baubles in a range of interesting finishes, as well as pine cones, delicate gold stars and large red bows.


Tree 4: Royal Cracker


royal cracker collection range christmas tree phs


No one will be left feeling blue with this eye-catching tree on your premises! Embrace a modern festive feel with its blue and gold baubles, star decorations, ferns and pine cones.


Tree 5: Starry Night




This tree is decorated with icy blue and silver baubles and glittering disco balls, and it takes inspiration from the beautiful night sky with its silver moon and star decorations.


 Tree 6: Winter Frosty


winter frosty christmas collection tree


With an all silver and white design, this tree is just the ticket if you really want to make an impact! It creates the perfect eye-catching display with silver baubles, disco balls, snowflakes and spirals.


Tree 7: Winter Spice



For a homely and cosy feel in your premises, choose this tree with its warm brown and copper baubles, cute bird and reindeer wooden decorations, cinnamon sticks and pine cones.


Our Luxury Collection Trees


 The Luxury Collection from phs Greenleaf is a great choice for your business if you really want to make an impact with your Christmas display. The range consists of 3 brand new designs for real and artificial trees, and each of these feature only the highest quality of decorations and are available in a range of 3 sizes to suit your needs.


To add that visual wow factor, each of our trees are pre-decorated with Christmas tree lights, and they come with your choice of either a Christmas tree skirt or wicker skirt (for 2m trees only), or parcels to be placed around the base of the tree. To ensure a consistent theme throughout the building, we also supply matching garlands, table top trees and desk top Christmas displays.

 Sizes available: 2m, 3m and 3.6m


Tree 8: Candy Cane Forest




Satisfy your sweet tooth with this white tipped Christmas tree that’s adorned with plenty of green and red striped baubles in various shapes, glittery snowflakes, and (of course) sweet candy canes.


Tree 9: Champagne Fizz



Celebrate in style with this decadent, rosy-toned design. This white tipped tree features stunning gold leaves, as well as a mixture of dusky pink and pale gold baubles.


Tree 10: Decadent Delight




This design nods towards more traditional festive décor with its class green tree, though it adds plenty of interest with purple and blue baubles with hints of the rainbow scattered throughout!


At phs Greenleaf, we also offer Christmas light hire, alternative displays and larger bespoke displays to suit the needs of your business’s premises. To find out more about how our services can help you prepare for the festive season, contact us today.